Anaglypta is one of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands, now in its 130th year. The brand is synonymous with paintable wallpaper and remains, in our view, the definitive collection offering a very wide range of designs.

Back in 1887, Thomas Palmer saw the potential of a process he had developed to make an embossed paper and the Anaglypta brand was born.

The name ‘Anaglypta®’ is taken from the Greek, meaning ‘raised cameo’.

Palmer quickly set up production at Storeys Mill in Lancaster, showcasing the first products at the 1887 Manchester Exhibition - the year of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

Demand grew quickly and by 1894 the business employed 100 people and relocated to Potters Mill, Darwen. The business continued to grow and thrive throughout most of the 20th century, adapting to meet the changing styles and requirements of the time.

Throughout the decades Anaglypta has thrived by constantly adapting, adding to its design archive to meet the changing demands of the time.

For today's discerning customers we have blended Anaglypta’s unique breadth of authentic styles with the best materials available. The result is a huge range of styles from vintage through to contemporary; available on a wide range of materials such as crisply embossed pure paper, ‘Original’ to modern ‘Luxury Textured Vinyl’ and super tough textile reinforced ‘Supaglypta’ papers. So whatever your style or application requirements are, the Anaglypta range will have something for you.