Tres Tintas

Brand present collections that include the 9 Selvas De Mariscal a series of papers with great artistic value, on this occasion Barcelona bets on a brilliantly consolidated artist, like Javier Mariscal, to continue experimenting new paths for decorating walls with contemporary designs. All City Papers deliver an excellent synthesis of the languages, Styles and techniques of urban art, transporting their illustrations to contemporary interior design. Bodoni collection exclusively with numbers in the Bodoni typeface. The effect created by the play between scale, colour and negative space is a look surprisingly bold and elegant. Heritage was conceived as a tribute to the tradition of wallpaper throughout the XIX century revisiting its traditional elements and themes. Kids once upon a time the first children’s collection that not only features simple decorative designs but is also intended to arouse the imagination of children and parents through beautiful stories and magic tales. Missiva a tribute to the delicate patterns that appear inside mail envelopes. An everyday graphic element which usually goes by unattended, but once applied to wallpaper it confers a great visual richness. Nostalgie arises from the elegant and majestuous drawing idea of the classic damask. With a handmade stroke and a wide and suggestive colour range.

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