About Khroma 

The charming Lys Valley, in the North of Belgium, has been the home base for the family Masureel for many years. The beautiful area of the 'golden river' has been an inspiration for numerous painters, but was especially known economically as the principal area for the spinning and weaving of flax.

In 1850, the Masureel family started their own business in this region in the textile industry. That period is known for the industrial revolution and the family introduced steam machines in the processes for treating textiles. The company became acknowledged with the different textile treatments and continued its experience.

At the end of the 20th century, Masureel international starts printing on nonwoven wallcoverings and textiles and becomes one of the leaders in this technique. Although the textile business went down in Europe, Masureel international kept on growing, thanks to the ideal combination of technical knowledge and creativity.

Today, thanks to this historical background, the experience in exporting collections and the growing in-house creativity, the own label "Khroma" is founded as the brand name for high level collections with quality nonwoven wallcoverings and fabrics. Discover the "Art at Home" challenge in the Khroma products.

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