Prestigious Textiles

Fabrics are inspiring, moving and extremely energizing. Nothing characterizes the mood and feel of a room more than fabrics that are utilized throughout. Customary rooms can be changed into smooth, chic plans with a simple change of fabric. Through the careful selection of textures, any plan can express a style to make a home. Prestigious Textiles present Orion a galaxy of burnished semi-plains offered in a spectrum of stellar hues. The dappled texture of Crater, gentle striations of Orb and dimpled diamonds of Asteroid make powerful individual impressions. Perception this lineup features damasks, ombres and embellished satins alongside tactile faux hides, honeycomb and cobblestone effects. Pimlico draws on Jacobean influences, with embroidered satins - including floral trails, ribbon stripes and flowing ogees – supported by a dainty damask and glossy plains. The Venetian collection reveals hints of marbled palaces and lacy filigrees. Enhancing this ethereal spirit is a sequence of shimmering shades which both catch the light and fire the imagination.

At Select Wallpaper, we can supply all Prestigious Textiles fabric, however, if the fabric you are looking for is not listed please call us on 01382 477000, and we will be more than happy to help with what you are looking for.