Wallpaper now on Twitter

Six months ago whilst reading Smashing Magazine I finally caved and decided to open a Twitter account for us @SelectWallpaper. I’d always been of the opinion (and truth be told, still am of the opinion) that Twitter was created with individuals in mind, not businesses, and so our Twitter account sat dormant for over six months.

Regardless of the fact that I never advertised our Twitter URL (and only posted one update, instantly after signing up) emails continued to land in my inbox on a semi-regular basis informing me that someone else had decided to “follow me”, and so I have once again caved in to temptation and decided I need to update our Twitter regularly. We’ll see how it goes.

Whenever we add a new wallpaper collection to our website we’ll be posting a Tweet, so we welcome you to follow us if that sounds like something you may be interested in receiving (max of one Tweet per day). If you’d just like to chat about design thats cool too… we love finding new websites relating to interior design and home improvement, so feel free to tweet us your URLs. If we like your link it may end up being praised on this blog or added to our website. Brilliant!

I’ll tweet this blog post and then get back to scanning wallpaper. Currently finishing off Galerie Texstyle 2 collection which seems to have been abandoned half way through for some peculiar reason…. oops! Looking forward to hearing from you all

– Will @ SelectWallpaper

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