Squidoo – A pleasure to browse.

Just a quick update to mention that I’ve been busy building ourselves quite the robust wallpaper lens-funnel at Squidoo; and having a fun time doing so thanks to their rather comical choice of phrasing scattered throughout the website. Squidoo is a friendly online service that allows anyone to create a webpage on anything they like. Stay-at-home mums seemingly love the service because it offers them an opporuntity to write webpages, referred to as “lenses”, on absolutely anything and earn a little extra money. 

Take a look at our wallpaper lenses, built to showcase our wallpaper collections. All money generated through our Squidoo account will be donated to charity, something that Squidoo allows us to do directly through their website. We’ve also built 10 lenses related to wallpaper colours, however our profile is yet to update.

If you’re a Squidoo member please rate our lenses, or drop us a message if you would like us to check out your design related lens.

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