Anaglypta Wallpaper Popular on Squidoo

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I was starting a new venture showcasing a selection of our available wallpaper patterns on Squidoo. Whilst slowly adding new pages I neglected to notice that the very first lens I created, a lens featuring Anaglypta wallpaper collections, was slowly climbing the charts. Imagine my surprise when I logged in this evening to see the page is now ranked at #259 out of literally thousands of other pages in the Home & Garden section.

 - Anaglypta Original Arundel Natural Textures RD 100 Wallpaper


I’ve painstakingly been building new lenses devoted to floral wallpaper, geometrical wallpaper as well as a whole array of colours, only to find that Anaglypta is still a timeless classic and as popular as ever it seems. Whether the other lenses will climb quite as high remains to be seen, I’m certainly pleased with the results Squidoo has already shown us in such a short space of time however and I’m continuing to add new lenses daily, as well as revisiting older lenses to freshen them up.

In other brief news the Order Received and Order Dispatched emails have been given a much needed face-lift, aswell as including other additional small details such as our Twitter URL [@SelectWallpaper].

On the techie-techie side of things I’m pleased to announce Select Wallpaper are currently in the process of switching delivery courier from Parcelforce to TNT. More about that at a later date.

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