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So White 3

Casadeco Fougeres Blanc 28920101
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Casadeco Fougeres Blanc 28920101

So White 3

So White 3 displays a wide range of designs including florals, geometrics, ornamental and materials in a variety of soft shades and graphic impacts.

Designs include Agate, Allover Fleur, Alveoles, Arabesque, Arbre, Art Brut, Brique, Carre Basalt, Ceramica, Cosmos, Craquele, Crushed, Cube 3D, Dots, Ecorces, Fleur De Vigne, Fleur Gravure, Giudecca, Gramine, Grande Fleur, Graphic, Hexagone, Lacet, Lierre, Marbre, Mini Carre, Mirage, Mosaique, Motif Geometrique, Mystere, Nacres, Nid D'Abeille, Nouveau, Ornement, Ortenzi, OSB Paint, Paysage, Petite Palmette, Rayure, Ruban, Toile Chinoisse, Uni and Vegetal supplied in different colourways.

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