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Brian Yates Neva NEA5382
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Brian Yates Neva NEA5382


This collection is named after one of the famous rivers which flow right through St Petersburg. The six select designs found in the Neva Wallpaper range has classic designs (arabesque, damask, stripes) which are finely printed on silky rayon yarns, and mixed with a very classy and ageless semi-plains. Colours in the assortment seem to have been introduced from the Neva river: blue-grey, misty haze and then to the exciting palette variations to tender cream, pearl, amber, taupe, topaz, jade, while also switching to majestic green, red, freeze in snow white and frost white, and challenging contemporary purple and violet tones, but not forgetting to warm up in bronze and caramel shades. Some components are embellished by the metallic shimmer of yellow or white gold foil, platinum or bronze which are applied to the printed yarns by embossing. The combination of elegant classic styles, with fascinated printing and imprinting techniques, as well as trendy colours, make the Neva collection an eye-catching and sleek wallpaper array.