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Pure Morris North Fabrics

Morris & Co Pure Acanthus Weave Black-Ink 236625
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Morris & Co Pure Acanthus Weave Black-Ink 236625

Pure Morris North Fabrics

A collection with an abundance of elaborate artisanal textures and shapes embroideries, prints and weaves of Icelandic vintage nature's elements inspiration presented in neutral shades and tonal highlight creating contrast in appearance and touch.

Fabric Designs include Pure Acanthus Weave, Pure Arbutus Embroidery, Pure Bachelors Button Embroidery, Pure Bachelors Button Print, Pure Bramble Embroidery, Pure Brer Rabbit Print, Pure Brer Rabbit Weave, Pure Honeysuckle Tulip Embroidery, Pure Honeysuckle Tulip Print, Pure Marigold Print, Pure Marigold Trail Embroidery, Pure Scroll Embroidery and Pure Willow Boughs Print supplied in numerous colourways.

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