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The Muse

Zoffany Conway Sahara 312747
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Zoffany Conway Sahara 312747

The Muse

Capturing the elegance and luxury of the 1920's, The Muse is a fusion of ultra-modern style, exquisite artistry and sumptuous textures. Fashioned with impeccable grandeur at its core and a feeling of excitement and indulgence flowing through its designs, this collection will create a bold yet intimate ambience within any interior, adding uniqueness and eccentricity through its raw, symbolic patterns.

Designs include Conway, Darcy, Evelyn, Lustre Tile, Oblique, Oblique Mini, Oblique Raku, Seizo, Seizo Raku, Taisho Deco, Taisho Lotus and Wray supplied in different colourways.

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