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Momentum 4

Harlequin Radial Beaded Jet-Crystal 111555
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Harlequin Radial Beaded Jet-Crystal 111555

Momentum 4

Influenced by abstract and architectural impressions of natural arrangements, this fashion-centred selection or wallcoverings derives the concept of couture-for-walls into an all-new range. The quintessential Momentum wallpaper range comes with an addition to Momentum Wallcoverings Volume 4. Its bright colour shades over Momentum augments the designs, combining organic hues and fashion shades. Wrap up your home with our Momentum 7 & 8 fabrics.

Designs include Sumi Shimmer Beaded, Sakura, Distinct, Meso, Metaphor, Formation, Makalu, Zenia, and Radial supplied in numerous colourways.

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