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Glitter Collection: Disco and Jazz are not intended as a wallcovering, although having it featured is the latest craze.  More and more customers are purchasing this product to do a feature wall within their home.  We are happy to provide the product but we cannot accept responsibility for how this product is used. 

Anyone intending on using this product as a non approved application does so at their own risk.  We strongly advise the use of a skilled decorator, preferably one that is familiar with the product.

Customers are asked to satisfy themselves with the product before it is used for the intended purpose as we will not accept any claims for returns, credit or exchange relating to performance or final effect.  Please check the product for faults before cutting or applying adhesive.   Any faults should be reported promptly with photographic images for assessment.  (Please note that small marks and patches are not uncommon especially with paler colours and these are deemed acceptable for display use.  This fabric is commonly cut down into small pieces, therefore cutting out a fault is not a problem)  

We recommend using Murabond Heavy Adhesive when hanging this product, Murabond should be applied to the wall and an additional adhesive should be applied to the back of the fabric.

The overlap and trim method is recommended for hanging this product, we suggest a very sharp blade to cut through the 2 layers.

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