Osborne & Little

Started in London in the Sixties, a very much regarded and energizing British brand, Osborne and Little is the trendsetter in the realm of design. Their printed wallpaper and fabric weaves are ahead of time and extraordinary. At home in any style of the top of line stylistic themes, this vigorous organization is famous for an unmatched taste that ranges back four decades.

Present day designers understand how to up the standards to accomplish a cutting-edge surprising, and delightful outcome. For example, include an intense print or botanical pattern to a little space like a cloakroom might be irrational. The dread is that space may appear to be smaller. In reality, an intense design gives a little space its own particular character.

At Select Wallpaper supply can all Osborne & Little wallpaper and fabric, however, if the wallpaper or fabric you are looking for is not listed please call us on 01382 477000 and we will be happy to help.