Roberto Cavalli

Didn't grow up surrounded by fashion, yet at home, he discovered craftsmanship, hues, and a strong imagination. He was conceived in Florence on November 15th, 1940, into a family that was at that point utilizing the devices of his prospective future trade: brushes and palettes. His granddad was Giuseppe Rossi-an unmistakable type of the Macchiailo pictorial pattern, which was built up in Florence in the mid-nineteenth Century-and whose depictions were at that point showed in the amazing rooms of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. His dad passed on when he was just four, and from that point on he discovered quality and direction in his mum, Marcella, who played a major part in Roberto's choice to pursue Fine Arts. When Roberto finished his study and exams at the Florence School of Art, he realized that his future would take him far beyond the opportunities provided by standard qualifications. His path to progress was somewhere else: in the realm of creative energy, development, imagination.

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